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Alphabet Cookies!

I’ve just discovered a really great way to teach letters to hungry toddlers! Cookie Letters We started out the day today at 6am with my daughter’s request to make cookies, shortly after breakfast ….but figuring I could barter off some homework and delay it to around 9am…we started the cookies. Half way into the process […]

Kye from Galloway – Author Bio : Andra de Bondt

I’ve just released a new book on Free Kids Books called Kye from Galloway, from the Stories of Kye series. Kye from Galloway is available in multiple languages and formats via Andra’s website, and her Smashwords Stories of Kye series site, Andra started to write children books in 2012, when she and her husband were involved in […]

FKB Reviewed

We’ve been recently reviewed at: A quote from the review: “This is one of the very few platforms that lets you both read books online and download them as well.”  We do try to cater for all needs, online it great for high speed internet, many don’t have this, or even if you do, you […]

Stuart Stories

I’ve just uploaded a book from Stuart Baum at Stuart’s Stories: Stuart has some amazing stories, mostly non-picture book middle grade type books, and also some amazing writing activities (, and some really cool pens you can win for contributing. Let me take the chance here to say thanks to Stuart, both for his contributions […]

Free Editing for all Submissions

This is just a reminder for all our authors and potential authors that Free Kids Books offers free editing services for all books submitted and accepted for publication on our website. Happy Writing! Danielle  

Pink Day – Breast Cancer Awareness

It’s been pink day at school’s recently (October) and I’m trying to do my part to encourage awareness, since early detection prevents fatalities from Breast Cancer at well over 95%. It’s not strictly on topic, but I wanted to post this for remembrance and awareness, that, like so many diseases in the past, Breast Cancer […]

A Family Writing Project

I’ve just up-loaded the following book: It’s a “BETA version” that means I’m planning a bit more editing for a version 1, but for nowI’ve had lots of fun writing, and reading, and re-reading it with my 6 year old, and I loved reading it, so in sharing it,  I hope you can enjoy […]

Getting Children Interested in Reading

Some children have a natural love of reading, born into them, I think I was like that. Although my parents read to us nearly everyday, and television wasn’t that great back then, but I remember my parents joking about me coming home from the library loaded down with a large stack of books from the […]

Author Bio’s : Annie Harmon

I would love my bio to read as such: Annie Harmon is an award-winning novelist,* whose books regularly appear on the New York Times bestsellers list.** She’s currently working on the sequel to her epic chapter book, Super Piggy.’*** *Actually, this isn’t true. **Neither is this. ***Okay, this one’s true. But, saddly, I don’t think I can […]

Creative Commons – Non Commercial/Non Derrivitive Licenses

Attention Authors: I’m just writing another response to a charity, this time in Uganda, and it occurred to me to put up a short post about Creative Commons Non Commercial Licenses and copyright options for authors. As any authors who would like to make there work available for free for non-profits, (and I know a […]

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