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Learning to Read : Short Stories and Short Words

I really love the new book on our site – We Go To Bo. Author Larry Baum has written the book entirely composed of two letter words (now available here on Createspace!). The book really inspired me. It provides so much confidence for a child to be able to read a book fully from cover to […]

Word Rebel

I’ve received an enquiry from a non-profit, Word Rebel, about featuring some of the books on our website on their literacy blog  and newsletter. This will help more people find the books on our website, and  helping more children on their path to literacy.  – Thanks Word Rebel!! Each week they feature links to three books, and they share […]

JOIDES Resolution: Award Winning Author and Illustrator Create Free Kids Books

Free Kids Books is hosting two awesome books based on the research vessel JOIDES resolution. Uncovering Earth’s Secrets page (, and Where Wild Microbes Grow page ( These two books, written by Award-winning children’s author Kevin Kurtz ( and illustrated by award-winning illustrator Alice Feagan (, provide a fun introduction to the world of marine research.  Uncovering Earth’s […]

Every Author has a Free Book in Them!

This post is for children’s book authors out there who have a book they have shelved.. Why are we interested in your book? Well there’s a good chance that: The reason it was shelved was not because it was a bad book; The book may become someone’s favourite book if it is ‘set free’ on the internet; The […]

Learning to Read: Lessons Learned – by Kanika G

How toddlers learn to read is quite baffling. I am trying to teach my 3 year old to read and sometimes I am left to wonder how anyone learns to read. It seems, just so complicated. You can do phonics, of course, but the problem is English is not a phonetic language. You can’t just learn to […]

Free Kids Books Reviewed

Free Kids Books was reviewed by the website I Love Free Software. They think free kids books are cool, and they reviewed a few other sites you can check out on their post here :

Learning to Read Phonics Program

I’ve found this phonics based reading program online recently, I am very keen to try it our and will let you know once I have. It’s only an investment of 50$ and has a money back guarantee. Learning to Read Phonics Program    

Ghana Reads Program

I’ve just received a request from the Ghana Reads Program : They’d like to post some of our books in our online, I’ve advised them, as I do all non-profits, to start with the  public domain and Creative-Commons books. Any authors out there that wish to permit their books to be used by Ghana, please […]

The Origins of Free Kids Books – and What Happened to Mac and Dipper?

In this picture Dipper’s a grand old lady, and Mac, well we’ll get to that. So, where did it all start? Free Kids Books, that is. In 2004-5 I was a young pilot, I’d just started flying scheduled flights with the national airline. I came home from an early morning start, pretty tired, with Mac lying straight across the […]

Macaroni Cheese Anyone?

Kids love macaroni cheese, I’ve found this great recipe for vegan cheese sauce,  which is almost as easy and tastes great, it does have nuts unfortunately. Just mix the cheese sauce with some pasta, ideally add some vegetables too, and serve the same way you would an ordinary mac and cheese. Vegan Cheese Sauce 1/4 C. […]

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