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Macaroni Cheese Anyone?

Kids love macaroni cheese, I’ve found this great recipe for vegan cheese sauce,  which is almost as easy and tastes great, it does have nuts unfortunately. Just mix the cheese sauce with some pasta, ideally add some vegetables too, and serve the same way you would an ordinary mac and cheese. Vegan Cheese Sauce 1/4 C. […]

A Family Blog

I’ve come across almost the coolest idea I’ve had since I had the idea I had for Free Kids Books. It’s called a family blog. I’d never thought about this before, but a blog can be used as a scrapbook – and as a scrapbook, you can choose to make it private or public. It’s an […]

Writing on the Walls

Writing on the Wall  was my fourth children’s book, written in 2009, very early in my time with kids books and . I received this link last December (2014) from a mother who loves to let her child write on the walls. Here’s a short quote from post: “Till yesterday, I really did not know Danielle […]

Fun Literacy Games

Lately I’ve been finding some creative solutions to literacy exercises for the kids. Whether it is because there are so many interactive toys available, or that some children aren’t as interested in reading as I was when I was a kid, but I seem to need far more creative methods to keep my children engaged. Here’s a few that […]

Author Tips : Embedding Fonts

It’s amazing the things you never think you may need to learn when starting out on the adventure of being an author. One is embedding fonts – that is if you have text in your book, it won’t upload to any publishing sites (Createspace etc) until you embed the fonts. I was trying to embed fonts again recently, […]

Teaching Kids: The Stop and Start Model of Learning

Post written by Kanika G Teaching kids can be a lot of fun. Coming up with innovative ways to communicate ideas and make learning engaging and fun is an interesting challenge. But it is not all about creativity and ideas. There is a large element of patience involved. No matter how interesting you can make […]

Author Bio – Carmen Saptouw

As a young child of only 8 years old, I was inspired to write       children’s stories. Following my childhood years, I got so involved with being a teenager that I  completely forgot about my passion for writing. Only in 2011, the year I turned 29, was my  passion reawakened from its deep slumber when my […]

Monopoly Money

I’ve just uploaded some editable play money to our website. You might be wondering – what has monopoly got to do with literacy? My children are just getting old enough to play monopoly, and remembering how much I enjoyed it as a child I sat down to play with them. The version we bought, much […]

Great Idea for Artwork and Tablemats

I’ve just put our laminator to good use making pictures and thought I’d share this as a great idea for wall art and table mats. What do you do with all those beautiful pictures and certificates your little ones get that you are so proud of? Why not throw them into an A3 sized lamination […]

Miffy’s Birthday (Books on YouTube)

Here’s a book about one of my favourite characters. There’s no text unfortunately, but hopefully I’ll find more about Miffy soon. For those looking for bilingual books, there are many of these Miffy books translated from the original Dutch versions, and a few other European languagues.    

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