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Famous Classic Children’s Stories

I’ve just added, Rudyard Kipling’s Just So Stories. It is a collection of classic kids stories such as How the Lepoard got His Spots, the Elephant’s Trunk, the The great thing about these public domain kids stories are that you can find them in many formats, for example, they’re all available on Librivox as audio books for listening to […]

Audio Books – Libriovox

I’ve been listening to audio books lately – I never thought I’d do that! But it makes the roads safer when you’re driving ;-). It’s really opened my eyes to a whole new possibility of books, for example, next time we’re on a long drive with the kids, I am going to try some kids classic […]

Information about Permissions for use of Books on this Site

I get a fairly large number of emails from people asking if they can use the books on this site. I’d love people to use the books herein, especially for charities/non-profits, and wish I could, but unfortunately it’s not that simple.  All of the books belong to the individual authors, and unless the permission for use […]

Gratitude Journal

This may not be exactly about reading, however it is about writing, and it’s another great idea to teach your children. I’ve been working with a Life Coach recently, through a long series of events. One of his suggestions, (which I initially thought – not sure if/how that will help me?) was to start a […]

Teach Your Children Well

I found this in the book by Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich. You might think to yourself, what has that got to do with parenting or children’s books? I thought the same thing a few years back when I received an email about the book from a children’s author mailing list I’d subscribed to. I […]

Birthday Gift: Great Ideas : Try the ‘Buy the Hard Copy’ Button!

At birthday parties for kids, don’t you find yourself thinking, what can I get that they won’t have? I tend to sometimes stock up on some of our authors’ books for such occasions. These then make great original presents, as since most are not widely available in local bookshops, they are unlikely to be something someone else buys or […]

Learning to Read : Short Stories and Short Words

I really love the new book on our site – We Go To Bo. Author Larry Baum has written the book entirely composed of two letter words (now available here on Createspace!). The book really inspired me. It provides so much confidence for a child to be able to read a book fully from cover to […]

Word Rebel

I’ve received an enquiry from a non-profit, Word Rebel, about featuring some of the books on our website on their literacy blog  and newsletter. This will help more people find the books on our website, and  helping more children on their path to literacy.  – Thanks Word Rebel!! Each week they feature links to three books, and they share […]

JOIDES Resolution: Award Winning Author and Illustrator Create Free Kids Books

Free Kids Books is hosting two awesome books based on the research vessel JOIDES resolution. Uncovering Earth’s Secrets page (, and Where Wild Microbes Grow page ( These two books, written by Award-winning children’s author Kevin Kurtz ( and illustrated by award-winning illustrator Alice Feagan (, provide a fun introduction to the world of marine research.  Uncovering Earth’s […]

Every Author has a Free Book in Them!

This post is for children’s book authors out there who have a book they have shelved.. Why are we interested in your book? Well there’s a good chance that: The reason it was shelved was not because it was a bad book; The book may become someone’s favourite book if it is ‘set free’ on the internet; The […]

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