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Author Bio’s : Annie Harmon

I would love my bio to read as such:
Annie Harmon is an award-winning novelist,* whose books regularly appear on the New York Times bestsellers list.** She’s currently working on the sequel to her epic chapter book, Super Piggy.’***
*Actually, this isn’t true.
**Neither is this.
***Okay, this one’s true.

But, saddly, I don’t think I can use that. I saw that [...]

Creative Commons – Non Commercial/Non Derrivitive Licenses

Attention Authors:
I’m just writing another response to a charity, this time in Uganda, and it occurred to me to put up a short post about Creative Commons Non Commercial Licenses and copyright options for authors. As any authors who would like to make there work available for free for non-profits, (and I know a [...]

Fun Children’s Games for Learning Letters and Numbers

Here’s a couple of new educational sites I’ve found lately:
The first at
Frog’s Rhyming Machine: This game is great for reinforcing letter sounds, and it’s fun. The frog generates a word, and three words from which a match must be picked. Clicking on the right word the frog grabs it with his tongue, [...]

Dr Seuss: Mr Brown Can Moo! Can You?

This has become one of my favourite Dr Seuss books, since it’s helped me a great deal with speech therapy. On the surface it might seem a silly book with fun sounds, but look further, I believe it has many hidden qualities.
For children learning to read, the phonetic sounds, large words, and repetition are wonderful.
For [...]

Kids Activities with Printable Books

By accident this week, I’ve discovered two great activities for kids, based on our printable books.
Fridge Magnets
This is so easy, and so much fun, and personally I love fridge magnets. They’re like a game, a learning tool, a pin board all in one.
Print the characters from your favourite book, if it is a colouring version, [...]

Free on Kindle

A lot of authors say they have trouble finding the option, but apparently Kindle does let you post your books free, permanently.
While looking at some of the links to books on our site, Amazon suggested the following free Kindle books to me.
Lucas the Lion and the Pirate Ship :
Counting Cows :
Buster’s Undersea Counting [...]

Author Bio’s: Werner Stejskal

Our latest book, Oliver and Jumpy, Books 1-3 is from Werner Stejskal, his website is Here’s a little about Werner.
Born in Vienna, Austria, Werner met his wife, a long time pen pal in Hong Kong, and is now living in the paradise of Perth, Australia with his wife, two married children and three grandchildren. He [...]

Green Eggs and Ham : Books Read on YouTube

Here’s an old favourite, with great rhyme and repetition, and a message for children that never looses it’s usefulness.

This version has the book displayed directly with the words for each page, and some fun voices.

Author Bio’s

I’m going to begin featuring some of our authors’ bios on our blog, so readers can get to know the people behind the great free kids books here. Authors, please contact me if you’re interested in writing a piece about yourself and your books, or if you can forward me a link to some information [...]

Family Photo Books

I’ve just discovered another activity which is great for kids and parents, and really easy to do.
After arriving back from holiday, Opa, who joined us, sent me some great books about the kids adventures, combining some of the pictures he’d taken with creative text.
It was so great for me to have both a family memory, [...]

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