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The Fat Controller – Reading with Kids and eReaders

I want to share something I don’t do often, a personal experience. Many of you may think I am a Mum who comes home after dropping my kids at school at plays with my website, tucking my kids into bed with a bedtime storey every night. If so you possibly did not get to the ‘profile’ part of the […]

Open – Equal – Free

I’ve just uploaded a book from open equal free, and hopefully many more to come. Open Equal Free is an NGO which seems to resound our own way of thinking – access to reading for everyone. Here’s what they say about it: The Anywhere Library means LITERACY FOR ANYWHERE! Here’s what they say about it: “Totally […]

An Amazing Thing To Do With Bananas

I’m always sort of stressing when I buy bananas, since they really have a sort of one day shelf life…. A friend recently suggested freezing them and making ice cream, I didn’t manage to get this right since my blender is not quite suited, but I did manage strawberry-banana ICE BLOCKS!!! Just blend the fruit and […]

Have You Ever Taken Reading For Granted?

I have, here’s a post of what a page might look like to someone who is dyslexic.  

FKB is Accepting Submissions

This blog post is a reminder of our guidelines which are on the ‘about page’ (but sometimes hard to find)…. If you would like to submit a book for this site send us an email titled FREE KIDS BOOK SUBMISSION containing the following information: 1. Your site address where you want people to buy an […]

Are You The Sort of Person That…..?

Do you have a stack of books on your night stand? Do you not only read to your own kids (nephews/nieces/cousins), but look for excuses to read with other people’s kids too (friends/schools)? Is Cartoon Network or Boomerang on your TV remote speed dial or would be if your knew what a speed dial was? Does […]

Introducing FKB Marketing Magic Whizz – Nichole

A quick post to introduce our new Marketing Magic Whizz, Nichole Nadkarni. Nichole is the Chief Solution Wizard at Creative Niche Collective. We’ve hired her to help out with our marketing and social media.I really want to share and spread the word about FKB, since many parents, teachers, and authors, write to me and tell me they love […]

Adopt a Seal?

One method I’ve found great success with getting my ‘reluctant reader’ interested in reading and writing is choosing topics she likes. Sounds obvious right, but it’s really important! The last two books created with my daughter, Zehnya, were about Seals. (All About Seals, and  Zenya’s Trip). It was great fun to look up facts and to […]

Famous Classic Children’s Stories

I’ve just added, Rudyard Kipling’s Just So Stories. It is a collection of classic kids stories such as How the Lepoard got His Spots, the Elephant’s Trunk, the The great thing about these public domain kids stories are that you can find them in many formats, for example, they’re all available on Librivox as audio books for listening to […]

Information about Permissions for use of Books on this Site

I get a fairly large number of emails from people asking if they can use the books on this site. I’d love people to use the books herein, especially for charities/non-profits, and wish I could, but unfortunately it’s not that simple.  All of the books belong to the individual authors, and unless the permission for use […]

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