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Awesome Times Table Game

I’ve just found this really great times table game. My daughter is usually really reluctant to do maths, and didn’t want to move past the compulsory numbers. Not only was kept entertained for far longer than usual, she moved on to two new numbers, and even started teaching her brother. The brilliant thing about this way of […]

Audio Books – Libriovox

I’ve been listening to audio books lately – I never thought I’d do that! But it makes the roads safer when you’re driving ;-). It’s really opened my eyes to a whole new possibility of books, for example, next time we’re on a long drive with the kids, I am going to try some kids classic […]

Learning to Read : Short Stories and Short Words

I really love book on our site – We Go To Bo. Author Larry Baum has written the book entirely composed of two letter words (now available here on Createspace!). The book really inspired me. It provides so much confidence for a child to be able to read a book fully from cover to cover without […]

Octopus Socktopus

This is a great book! It really appeals to me, not only in really fun humour, but also in learning phonics. Octopus Socktopus I can’t find a youtube link to the book, but I did find thisgreat link to a youtube video showing an easy way to make a “socktopus”. I’m not that sure the […]

Photo-Book Project – an Activity for Kids of All Ages

I’ve stumbled across a really great activity. Even more powerful, this activity is ageless. It entertains my two year old, my five year old, and it will still entertain a 15 year old (or a 38+ year old for that matter). Activity: To create a non-fiction photo book. Materials Required: A computer with internet access; […]

Free Kids Books’ Books are Now Available Online

After trying to read a couple of our books with my daughter, on a computer which wasn’t mine, a light bulb came on. I now saw the utter necessity of having our books in both online and in pdf. I started this site as I was frustrated with the majority of free children’s books sites […]

Reading Methods for Children

I’ve been delving into literacy resources, as my daughter approaches ‘traditional’ reading ready age, and found a few really interesting concepts out there. Here’s a summary of a couple of the sites I found interesting: – Learning using songs as an anchor. – Letter recognition using kinetics (hand signals that match the sound, […]

Links to Children’s Books and Resources: A Summary of Online Sites

The following is a list of free books, free book sites, and a variety of other children’s resources we think are useful. As it is becoming more and more difficult to sift through the oceans of information on the internet to find the good parts, I have attempted to list sites in order of quality […]

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