Reading Methods for Children

I’ve been delving into literacy resources, as my daughter approaches ‘traditional’ reading ready age, and found a few really interesting concepts out there.

Here’s a summary of a couple of the sites I found interesting: – Learning using songs as an anchor. – Letter recognition using kinetics (hand signals that match the sound, for example – saying the sound “mmmm” while rubbimg tummy for learning ‘m’. The program includes games and music. Looks very interesting. – Teaching by word recognition prior to letter recognition, I’ve stumbled onto some research on this, so more about it in another blog shortly.

I say ‘traditional’ reading ready, as I figured she’s ready since she can recognise complex shapes, pays attention and understands the that the squiggle next to the apple is a letter, but really research I’ve seen says they were capable of this a lot earlier than we think.

This site is aimed both at supplying fun and quality reading resources, and promoting literacy, so on the second note, more soon on the learning to read.




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